Processing of concentrates of secondary raw materials containing precious metals
We provide services to recover valuable materials from concentrates of secondary raw materials. The process of recycling secondary raw materials concentrates containing precious materials involves the activation of these materials using electricity.
Recycling of silica-aluminum catalytic converters
Our company offers recycling of silica-alumina catalytic converters. These amorphous catalysts have an unordered structure. The structure consists of a 3D mesh of tetrahedral aluminum and silicon oxides.
Recycling of catalytic converters
Many enterprises often face the problem of accumulation of nickel wastes. These wastes include various concentrates, pastes, sludges and catalytic converters. In order to eliminate these wastes, they must be processed properly.
Recycling of electronics scrap
Recycling electronics scrap will help to solve many of the problems your company faces. Recycling of various waste products, namely equipment and electronics scrap is now very popular.
Recycling of worn-out or defective automobile catalytic converters
If you constantly have to repair or replace your automobile catalytic converters, our company has an interesting offer for you. We offer services for recycling used or defective catalytic converters.
Recycling placer platinum
Placer platinum is a heterogeneous mixture of grains of platinum, rock and rock and osmiridium. One of our services is the process of placer platinum to extract precious metals.
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25 December 2012
Scrap and products containing platinum and non-ferrous and precious metals, as well as platinum concentrates are largely used in processing of second raw materials.
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27 October 2012
Each year, tons and tons of industrial waste are discarded. Among them are objects containing mercury.
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26 October 2012
Processing of precious metals is one of the important branches of industry in many countries. Platinum, gold, silver and other precious metals are not only the source of beautiful jewelry, but a country's finite resource. These metals are also very v
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