At present, one of the most pressing problems of our country is the recycling of scrap metal, and especially electronic waste. With the rapid development of technology, a great deal of new equipment has appeared, without which it would be difficult for us to imagine our lives. As a result, with every year, more and more technology becomes obsolete and can no longer fulfill its functions.

If this waste is not recycled, our planet will soon resemble a heap of scrap metal.

The best way out of this situation is the processing of scrap and recycling of obsolete appliances and automobile parts. Using a special separation and grinding line, you can produce a metal that is easily recycled.

The Amperreciclaje company is an entirely new enterprise, engaged in the processing of electronic scrap, export and recycling of construction resources and waste management.

Amperreciclaje is a unique organization in the industry of metal recycling and processing, as well as the products made from recycled and obsolete materials.

Many Ukrainian and foreign firms take advantages of our firm's services. Our recycling of metals takes place with the help of experienced specialists in modern specialized laboratories. The company offers a full high-tech production cycle. We also offer a primary processing shop and smelter, as well as processing of secondary precious materials.

Amperreciclaje is one of the few businesses engaged in the recycling of equipment containing precious elements. This processing can produce the following precious metals, such as: palladium, silver, gold, platinum and others. These materials are first produced in the form of granules, powders or ingots.

Our products are often used in various areas of manufacture, as well as supplied to various types of factories.

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25 December 2012
Scrap and products containing platinum and non-ferrous and precious metals, as well as platinum concentrates are largely used in processing of second raw materials.
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27 October 2012
Each year, tons and tons of industrial waste are discarded. Among them are objects containing mercury.
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26 October 2012
Processing of precious metals is one of the important branches of industry in many countries. Platinum, gold, silver and other precious metals are not only the source of beautiful jewelry, but a country's finite resource. These metals are also very v
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