Processing of concentrates of secondary raw materials containing precious metals
25 December 2012

We provide services to recover valuable materials from concentrates of secondary raw materials. The process of recycling secondary raw materials concentrates containing precious materials involves the activation of these materials using electricity. Electrical treatment is carried out by placing the concentrates in a special activation chamber containing electrodes under electrical pulses. The duration of these pulses may be 31-1000 µs, with an amplitude of 1000 V and at a frequency of 21-50 kHz. This method allows for the extraction of the maximum amount of precious metals. The ore can also be activated using leaching.

Depending on the type of material and its properties, the setting for the electro-activation are determined. The parameters must be selected to ensure nano-and micro-localization in the areas of the raw material to be recycled. During localization, the following processes occur: chemical reaction under the influence of high temperatures, physical treatments and electrochemical reactions.

In order to achieve the maximum electrical impact on the phase boundary, to concentrate the flow of energy in a very small area, right on the border. This way, the distribution of energy reaches its maximum output.

Under the influence of the micro plasma discharge, the grains of ore break down. If the impulse lasts less than 10 µs, the micro plasma process does not take place. The frequency needs to be at least 10 Hz; the higher the frequency, the faster the process take place.

The electrical treatment of the materials is accompanied by mechanical stirring.