Recycling of electronics scrap
25 December 2012

Recycling electronics scrap will help to solve many of the problems your company faces. Recycling of various waste products, namely equipment and electronics scrap is now very popular. Very often, these problems occur at equipment service centers and for ordinary people who want to get rid of old appliances. For that reason, it is best to contact a firm providing a recycling service for this equipment and extracting precious metals from them.

Recycling of electronic scrap must conform to the EU Directive. The Directive states that electronic equipment must be recycled and costly materials recovered. There is now a very big demand for secondary raw materials, which are extracted from old electronic equipment, as we are all aware that the natural resources of our planet are not infinite. Therefore, this demand became the impetus behind high-quality recycling of scrap. Besides, if we do not recycle, our planet will soon resemble a huge scrap metal dump.

Nowadays, it is difficult for us to imagine our lives without using electronic equipment. Many new companies have popped up, selling low-grade computers, phones and other equipment at affordable prices. Thanks to this, electronic scrap recycling is growing rapidly, as this equipment wears out very quickly.

According to official figures, in the year 2010 in the European Union, nearly eight million tons of electronic equipment became obsolete. This number grows every year. The recycling of electronic scrap produces many valuable materials, such as: silver, gold, copper, platinum and others.

The objective of our company is to recycle electronic scrap, eliminating substances that may be harmful to the environment, and, most importantly, the recovery of valuable metals.

The scrap recycling process involves its distribution and melting using a flux. After this, the melted scrap, which has a complex composition, is poured into special bars, which are the electrodes used during its dissolution. Using effects on those bars, an electrical current and nitric acid, the melted scrap is converted into a solution, from which we extract valuable materials like tin, gold, silver, copper and electrolyte.