Recycling of worn-out or defective automobile catalytic converters
25 December 2012

If you constantly have to repair or replace your automobile catalytic converters, our company has an interesting offer for you. We offer services for recycling used or defective catalytic converters.

The main function of catalytic converters is the reduction of the concentration of harmful substances in the exhaust gases. These substances may include nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.

Our company buys the broken-down automobile catalytic converters for subsequent processing. The value of a catalytic converter will depend on the content of valuable materials.

Catalyst carriers may of the following types: ceramic grain, metal and ceramic, which are found in vehicles of American, Japanese, German, French and Russian origin.

The largest number of precious metals are found in German vehicles (BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES, OPEL). Remember that the vehicle catalytic converters produced by a single company may differ according to the year in which they were manufactured. Automotive catalytic converters can be divided into those in which platinum is the key precious metal, and those in which it is palladium.

The prices for metal catalytic converters are much lower than those for ceramic automobile catalytic converters. This is because produced with metallic catalytic converters contain less rhodium, platinum and palladium. The process of recycling of this type of catalytic converters is more complex and demands enormous outlays.

The recycling and purchase of automobile catalytic converters something of a niche market. Therefore, we provide the best terms for the recycling of catalytic converters. Recycling used automobile catalytic converters can help to mitigate the problem of environmental pollution.

Our company provides:
  • favorable prices for the purchase of automobile catalytic converters;
  • experienced and responsible personnel;
  • modern technologies for recycling catalytic converters;
  • 100% adherence to the terms of the contract.